Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning Program

During our summer service at 10AM, children 6 months-JK are welcome to attend our FWBC Kids program where gospel truths are taught through song, stories, lessons, and activities lead by child protection certified members of Fort William Baptist Church.

When you attend FWBC we invite the kids to join corporate worship for the first couple songs. After that there will be a slide shown on the screen dismissing kids 6 months-JK for our Kid's program.

If you would like to register your child for our Kid's program before Sunday morning, you can click the button below.

Infants & Toddlers who remain in the service

If at any point you would like to hear the sermon, but your little one needs to wiggle, cry or play, you are welcome to move to the foyer where you can watch and listen to the sermon. There is access to a change table in the bathroom of the foyer.

Kid’s who remain in the service.

We love to have children in the service and do not mind the extra noise that brings. We believe that God loves children and loves to speak to children through His word. It is by His Spirit through the preached word that He speaks and transforms sinners. And even though children may not get everything from the sermon, God has made the preaching of His Scripture a primary means by which people come to know and love the Lord. That said, we have sermons notes sheets, journals and pens to help the children as they listen to God’s word preached. These items are available by the welcome desk!