Small Groups

Why Small Groups?

Our small groups are about diving in to the word together as small groups of the church body. But we are also all about building one another up through fellowship, times of sharing and prayer , and working together in finding ways to minister to FWBC and the wider community. So don’t think of these simply as a meeting to go over a study topic, but rather, an opportunity to connect, strengthen the bonds of the church body, and share the gospel.

Current Small Groups

Monday Night
Leaders:Bram Kamerman and Bill Petteplace
Time and location: Monday Nights @ 6:30PM – Northwood
Topic of Study: A devotional study, working through the book of 1 Peter.
Start Date: October 16th

Wednesday Night
Leaders: Tyler Friesen and Evan Hughes
Time and Location: Wednesday Nights at 7:00pm – Location TBD based on size of group.
Topic of Study: A book study, working through “Knowing God” by J.I. Packer.
Start Date: Wednesday, October 4th.

Friday Morning
Leaders: Justin Armstrong and Tim Baxter
Time and Location: Friday mornings at 9:00AM in Rosslyn
Topic of Study: Devotional studies based on the previous week’s sermon.
Start Date: Sept 29th

Choose Your Small Group!

Let us know which group works for you!
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